THERMABEADS heatpad with ceramic beads technology represents a major breakthrough in moist heat treatment. Without the use of water, batteries or electricity, THERMABEADS delivers moist heat safely and effectively. By utilizing the convenience of a microwave oven, THERMABEADS provides moist heat evenly at the correct temperature levels needed for effective treatment for everyday aches and pain on most body parts.

THERMABEADS consists of tiny hydroscopic beads mixed with a special fluid that increases their ability to detain moisture. When heated in a microwave, THERMABEADS releases their retained moisture, providing pain relieving moist heat. After treatment, the remarkable beads refresh themselves by recovering moisture from ambient air.

  • No Cords and No Batteries; No Water or Wires
  • Hydroscopic Beads distributes Uniform Heat to
    Sore and Stiff Muscles
  • Microwavable Heat Pad can be used for Most
    Body Parts : Back, Shoulder, Knees
  • Ultrasoft Microplush Pad
  • Soft Comfortable Pad Standard Size: 22cm x
    35cm ; Can be Frozen for Cold Application