When uses “new technology essence gel sheet” which is made by fermenting a naturally cultivated coconut solution using state-of-art biotechnology. When mask is an eco-friendly mask packed with essence, not gelatin or chemicals.

When Mask sheet feels almost like your own skin – soft and smooth, fitting all types of face shapes without gaps or crumpling.

When Essence Gel Mask requires no refrigerating. The sheet itself has a cooling soothing effect on the skin.

No more felt sheet or hydrogel masks. Try the new real thing. “When Essence Gel Mask” It’s your ultimate facial care solution.

1. The ultimate evolution in facial mask pack!

when box 1

Eco-friendly when essence gel mask When in an environmentally friendly facial mask, made of all natural coconut solution that is fermented with leading bio culture technology.

2. Contains only what your skin needs- a highly concentrated high-purity essence.

when box 2

When mask contains no gelatin, typically used in other gel type mask sheets. Instead it contains high dosage of highly concentrated essence, which is transferred to the skin when applied.

3. Soft and smooth to the touch – it’s the ultimate indulgence for your face.

when box 3

Having a structure similar to that of human skin, when masks are unbelievably soft and smooth. The sheet has a porous mesh structure, denser than the structure of felt sheet or plant based cellulose. Its specific surface area is substantially large, and thus able to hold a large amount of essence.

4. Fits perfectly- like your own skin.

when box 4

Its high-density structural design guarantees an outstanding fit, covering your face perfectly and allowing you to watch TV and even do the dishes.

5. Comes in fun and stylish boxes No tackier, unsophisticated packs.

when box 5

Pamper yourself with the stylish When mask pack. Have fun with is vivid colour palette, pretty design icons, and cute box structure. Show it off whilst travelling, in the sauna, or anywhere and everywhere. When packs make a great gift too.

6. Enjoy high- end facial care at an affordable price

when box 6

Treat yourself to a spa quality facial care at an affordable price with when.

After washing your face, take out the mask and unfold it. Remove the translucent felt sheet from the back of the mask.

Apply the mask to your face and remove white film off of it. Keep the mask on for about 20-30 minutes. Remove afterwards.

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