What the Ear Process does:
Our bodies produce ear wax cerumen near the entrance to the ear canal in order to protect the inner ear from dust, debris and particulate. This wax is then migrated out of the ear canal by a body process.


What Clinere™ Ear Cleaners can do:
Each “Clinere™ Ear Cleaner” is an “Ear Management Tool”.

  • Has a Flexible Scoop & Fin End that Helps Remove Wax and Debris.

  • Helps provide Relief from Ear Itching.

  • Helps Exfoliate hard to reach dry-skin areas of the outer ear.

Did You Know:

  • Ear wax is produced in the outer ear canal.

  • The use of cotton buds as an ear cleaner can smear wax and debris
    back into the ear.

  • Work environments that include “Dust & Dirt” can promote debris
    build up in our ears.

  • Sound Protection Foam Ear Plugs can push wax back into the ear.

  • The use of Ear Plug Type “In-Ear” Hearing Buds like those used with
    Mobile Listening
    Devices can cause wax to be pushed back into the ear.

  • For Hearing Aid Users; Hearing Aids Fail 70% of the time due to ear

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