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AVA THE ELEPHANT makes medicine time fun!

The included medicine dropper should be removed from the back and filled with the recommended dosage of liquid medicine. You will then insert the dropper back in. When the button is pressed Ava will say “One, Two, Three…Open wide! GOOD JOB!” During or after the counting you insert the trunk in the mouth and dispense the medicine.


Q: What kind of medicine is AVA THE ELEPHANT used for?
A: Ava is perfect for ANY liquid medicine and even liquid vitamins!

Q: What if my baby/child doesn’t respond to AVA THE ELEPHANT at first?
A: Using a little of their favorite drink… milk, juice, whatever works for them…and using Ava when they are not sick can work WONDERS! They will then associate her as a good/fun thing instead of fear!

Q: What ages respond well to AVA THE ELEPHANT?
A: We have found through much research that any age child can enjoy Ava. Small babies smile instantly at her sweet face and like to use her ears as handles! This gives you a chance to dispense the medicine mid-smile! Toddlers and older children really like Ava counting down to opening up! And of course her praising them at the end is always nice!

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