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BINACA Product Ranges

BINACA AEROBLAST – Peppermint, Spearmint
BINACA FASTBLAST – Peppermint, Cinnamon


“Binaca Blasts Away Bad Breath”
Binaca is specially formulated to freshen your breath instantly. It helps eliminate germs and odours that cause bad breath and dissolves lingering aftertastes. So you can be fresh and ready anytime, anywhere, for anything!

Binaca’s great tasting flavour leaves your mouth feeling cool and refreshed. It’s the “on the go” instant breath freshener in a convenient size for pocket or purse.

Meeting friends? Got an interview? Just use Binaca. Use it after coffee, after lunch, or even after gum. We know Binaca works the best because it’s the only freshener that’s passed the ultimate “kissalicious” test! Check out our Binaca Moments videos.
Binaca…because it’s not chic to reek!

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