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What is E-Z SQUEEZE? It is a brand name for our product that makes using collapsible tubes more convenient.

There are many types of collapsible tubes in the world, some of the products come out easily, and some require more effort. Thick products like toothpaste, creams, nappy ointment, etc. require more effort and work to get the product out. Many of us don’t think about this problem anymore because we are so used to it. Some of us throw away the product when it gets low, because it’s not worth the effort. Innovation is everywhere, but we continue to see the same squeeze tube with the same dilemma of getting the thicker products out of these tubes.


Our mission is quite simple, “Help Make Using Collapsible Tubes More Convenient”.

  • Fits most toothpaste & cream tubes

  • Reduces waste and easy to use

  • Reusable and mess free

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